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Maths – D – Using and Applying Number


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This section is designed to help children apply and refine the ideas they have learned so far. Each investigation requires children to use number to plan and justify their decisions in real-life scenarios.

This “flat pack” has 5 extended mentor-led investigations into how to use and apply mathematics to projects from designing a herb garden to producing a newspaper. With these investigations come 15 supporting sets of videos, lesson plans and ideas to help your children learn the fundamentals of using and applying number.

You can download individual maths plans and videos for free here.

Alternatively, you can download this together with the other maths flat-packs here

[For those interested, the picture is of the Persian mathematician, al-Khwarizmi.]

Product Description

The Herb Garden

Designing the Garden Investigating shape and area and perimeter
Growing Seeds Working out what calculations to make
Planting Out Using trial and error when starting to solve a problem

Using Water

Investigating Use Deciding what information is needed
Measuring and Recording Devising ways to measure and record
How Much is Needed? Deciding what calculations are necessary

The School Show

The Audience Using calculations when planning
Tickets and Seating Using calculations to solve problems
Refreshments Using approximations for a real purpose

The School Newspaper

Planning the edition Using calculations in creating something real and solving problems
Pages, Columns & Words Using calculations to explain the reasoning behind decisions
Pasting Up Learning to piece together information and display the results

Canary Wharf

The Visit Taking measurements and planning
Making a Model Using ratios for comparisons and problems that involve scale
Working to Scale Interpreting information and presenting the findings


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