Science C08: A Better View


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of lenses

Product Description

Video and lesson investigations on the topic of lenses. Key concepts include:

  • Magnifying lenses and microscopes help in seeing small things.
  • Binoculars and telescopes help in seeing distant areas or objects.
  • There are special devices to help us see in the dark or inside the body.
  • Many aids to vision use lenses.
  • Lenses can have the effect of enlarging the view of an object.
  • Lenses can also have the effect of bringing a distant object closer.
  • Lenses come in two basic shapes; concave and convex.
  • Concave lenses are thin in the middle and thick at the edges, and spread out the rays of light that pass through them.
  • This makes objects appear smaller or further away than they are.
  • Convex lenses are thick in the middle and thin at the edges.
  • They converge rays of light and make objects appear larger or closer than they are.
  • Focusing is important when using lenses.
  • X-rays can show bone but not skin and flesh.
  • Infra-red viewfinders enable objects to be seen in the darkness.


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