Science C24: Hunting By Touch


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of touch

Product Description

Video and lesson investigations on the topic of touch. Key concepts include:

  • Some animals have to locate their food by touch.
  • Animals have to be able to find food in different locations.
  • Some animals have evolved ways of finding their food by using the sense of touch.
  • Different parts of animals’ bodies may be sensitive to touch.
  • As animal’s behavior adapted and evolved to depend more and more on their sense of touch, some became able to spend their entire lift in dark environments, either in caves or underground.
  • For example, various kinds of fish, salamanders, some insects, and crayfish have adapted to totally dark environments. In the dark zone, eyes are useless and many permanent cave-dwellers are blind.
  • They depend on touch, smell or hearing for moving around. Many locate prey by sensing vibrations.


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