Science C33: Echoes


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of echoes

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Video and lesson investigations on the topic of echoes. Key concepts include:

  • When sound bounces back towards us, we are getting a reflection (echo) of the sound that was traveling away from us.
  • Flat hard and smooth surfaces reflect sound well.
  • Echoes can travel through water.
  • Echoes can be used to detect where things are.
  • The longer an echo takes to return, the further away the reflecting surface is. Sound waves rebound in much the same way that light waves reflect off a mirror.
  • We hear many sounds because of reflections, but echoes occur only when the sound bounces back from a surface which is some distance away and returns to our ears.
  • Animals such as bats, dolphins, and some whales use echoes as the way of gathering information.


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