Science B09: Belt Up


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of testing and stopping moving

Product Description

Video and lesson investigations on the topic of testing and stopping moving. Key concepts include:

  • In a crash, people keep moving unless they are strapped in.
  • Seat-belts and safety seats can protect people.
    Fair testing is important.
  • Using models is safe way of investigating ‘real world’ problems.
  • It allows for a number of different designs to be tested when full scale tests are difficult, or even impossible (real persons cannot be used in care crash tests, for example).
  • ‘Fair testing’ involves scientific method.
  • This includes formulating the experiment question, making a prediction, formulating controls (what is to stay the same? What changes?), running the test several times, drawing conclusions, reviewing them and sharing the results with others.


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