Play Safe

Science B41: Play Safe


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of design

Product Description

Video and lesson investigations on the topic of design. Key concepts include:

  • Playground equipment needs to be strong.
  • Strength depends on both the design and the material.
  • The design has to take into account the way in which the equipment will be used.
  • Playground equipment has to be fun, as well as safe.
  • It must also withstand the effects of weather.
  • In recent years a great deal of design thinking has been applied to playground equipment.
  • Some of the structures used are very imaginative, combining strength (and safety) with enterprise so that children will get enjoyment out of them. Playgrounds also provide good, and safe, opportunities for children’s physical development.
  • They engage in many strength building activities, develop motor skills, body awareness and physical confidence.


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