MIST is an engaging and challenging complement that enhances typical elementary science instructional materials.

Dr Fred Finley – 

An excellent teaching resource providing stimulus, information and ideas.

D. Law – 

It inspired confidence in me to pursue avenues of investigation I would not otherwise have tackled.

Gillian Buechardt – 

I had no science in my own educational background and, frankly, all I did with my children was nature study.  MIST helped me overcome my inhibitions about science teaching and learning almost immediately.  It gave me the confidence I lacked as well as understanding, and the children in my class took to it immediately.

Muriel Sumner – 

The pupils said ‘It is like having two teachers of your own’.  They are able to work at their own pace and level. The programmes stimulated investigation and allowed scope for the pupils to follow their own line of development. An excellent teaching aid. It enables the teacher to show things that could not be demonstrated. The outside world is brought into the classroom The experiments are short, simple and relevant and require only basic equipment. Quick access for teachers. Time saver.

M.E. Bagshaw – 

It initiates ideas, giving examples of ways to develop work through practical experience. It shows things which cannot be explained in a classroom.

Anita Turner –