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Science – B – Forces, Machines and Structures


Car crashes, rock climbers, fast skiers and hard-boiled eggs demonstrate various types and effects of forces. Skeletons, hot air balloons and water wells show how levers, whells and other machines work. Spiders’ webs, bridges and train crashes examine the strength and design of structures.

Each chapter in this “flat pack” presents questions which entice students to develop and design investigative experiments.  With these investigations come 39 supporting sets of videos, lesson plans and ideas to help your children understand the fundamentals of forces and how they are used in building machines and structures.

You can download individual science plans and videos for free here.

Alternatively, you can download this together with the other science flat-packs here.

[For those interested, the picture is of Italian polymath, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Product Description

NB: We have listed all the original plans for completeness’ sake, but please be aware of those two marked missing below. We are still looking at how to recover these from the original disks

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