Robert Boyle
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Science – A – Air and Water


Astronauts in weightless conditions, scuba divers, and ice skaters demonstrate the characteristics of water. Hot air balloons, parachutes, hovercraft, and aerofoils illustrate the properties of air. Through vido exploration and experimentation, examine the methods of using and cleaning the air and water around us.

Each chapter in this “flat pack” presents questions which entice students to develop and design investigative experiments.  With these investigations come 45 supporting sets of videos, lesson plans and ideas to help your children learn the fundamentals of using and applying number.

You can download individual science plans and videos for free here.

Alternatively, you can download this together with the other science flat-packs here.

[For those interested, the picture is of the Anglo-Irish  scientist, Robert Boyle. Thanks to Skara for sharing]

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Product Description

This series of 42 videos is broken down into two sections, water and air.

Water Around Us

We Need Water
Too Much, Too Little
Rain, River, Sea and Sky

Using Water

Water Supply
Investigating Water Use

Storing and Cleaning Water

Getting Water from a Well
Storing Water in Homes
Making a Reservoir
The Water Works
Water Cleaning
Cleaning Dirty Water

The Surface of Water

Making a Water Lens
Water Clinging to Itself
Clinging Water
Water in a Spacecraft
Objects on Water’s Surface
Creatures on Water’s Surface
Changing Water’s Surface
Floating and Sinking
Water Level

Air Around Us

Air Moves
Kites and Wind
Machines Moved by Air
Hot Air
Using Hot Air
Capturing Some Air
Keeping Paper Dry
Diving Bell

Using Air

Falling through Air
Air as a Brake

Air That Takes Shape

Bubbles and Balloons
Pumping Air

Staying in the Air

Flying Machines
Lifting Paper
Investigating Aerofoils

Cutting Through Air


The Pressure of Air

Balancing Air
Air Pressing Down
Suction Power
Removing Air

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