Science C29: Can You Hear a Pin Drop


Award-winning video and lesson investigations for young children on the topic of testing hearing

Product Description

Video and lesson investigations on the topic of testing hearing. Key concepts include:

  • Simple tests can; be done to check hearing.
  • It is important to make accurate measurements if the results are to be useful. ‘What’ to record and the ‘best’ method of recording have to be carefully decided.
  • Experiments can be modified to make them more accurate or to give more usable results.
  • The way results are recorded also depends on what the information is to be used for.
  • Ensuring that the testing procedures are ‘fair’
    is very important.
  • It is easy to miss a detail that renders the test unreliable.
  • Test results are only as reliable as the reliability of the testing procedures. Medical testing of hearing makes use of a more sophisticated testing device called an audiometer.


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